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East Timor Awakening Tour

Under the inspiration and sponsorship of RSL Qld, Veterans Care Association and Adventure Professionals are offering a pilot program of renewal and rehabilitation for Australian veterans and Timorese Veterans, centred around an immersion experience of 11 days duration in Timor-Leste with first deployment commencing in July 2016 as a part of a 12 month holistic health program. The name for this project is Timor Awakening (TA).

The projected outcome of the program is to significantly improve the health and well-being of the Veterans and their families, through intentional holistic health education, a reflective experience in Timor-Leste, and follow up re-integration engagement upon return leading to renewed lifestyles and reimagined opportunities for participation in the Veteran and wider community. Whilst the immersion and concentration component of this program is 11 days in Timor-Leste, the program extends over a period of 12 months of engagement, follow up, pastoral care and guidance.

Veterans Care Association, together with Adventure Professionals, has done extensive scoping and planning to facilitate an inaugural TA that deploys on 17 July 2016, with a second deployment to commence on 18 Sep 2016. Expressions of interest for the July and Sep Timor Awakenings are to be made available on Mon 28 Mar 16. Applications for the first 2 programs are to close on 1 May. All unsuccessful applicants will be followed up pastorally to explore alternative pathways for them.

The conduct of TA will be seen as a significant contribution to the health and well-being of veterans, will provide inspiration to the fledging Timorese veteran community, as well as enhancing the broader relationship between our two nations. The TA pilot programme will significantly enhance the image of RSL Qld as the leader in providing holistic care to our veterans, and will be warmly received by RSL members desirous of seeing Veterans caring for Veterans in accordance with our charter.

If you would like to participate please fill in the Expression of Interest form:

Expression of Interest – Timor Awakening Mk2

and submit to E- support@veteranscare.com.au

Timor-Leste for Rehabilitation for Veterans and their Families

Timor-Leste is a country that has an enduring relationship with Australia and especially Australian soldiers. It is a new nation that shares a special birth story with successful historic involvement and support from Australian troops. The country has experienced great trauma and many challenges in their path to independence. A country born from hope, this positive outcome provides the perfect backdrop to help veterans realise that through hope, spirituality and friendship, a positive future is possible.

The Timor Awakening Tour is intent to be a truly holistic healing and rehabilitative activity. Each day of the experience will expose people to the breathtaking beauty of the physical scenery and will incorporate active reflection on historical moments in the lives of the Timorese people and the Australian troops that have supported them at various stages.  Our professional counselling staff (Tour Chaplain, Psychologist and Veteran guides) will take them on a journey of healing the soul, helping participants to re-appreciate the goodness of their lives and reimagining the possibilities of the future journey drawing on the experiences of their past.

Opportunity will be available for individual counselling and group interactions and activities will be provided at stops each day for the participants too, as they feel comfortable, share their own stories, especially those practices that have been beneficial to them. The holistic health team at Veterans Care will be involved to positively prepare people for the trip, accompany on the journey and structured periodic follow up and support in the months after, such as:

  • Provision of information resources about Timor, the Australian experience, such as articles, links to online documentaries, book recommendations.
  • Post-Tour assisting each participant to develop a holistic plan and guiding them to the whole range of Veterans support options available, and how each may support each individual specific to their needs.
  • In particular helping each participant get connected with a regular Veterans group in their area, starting with their local RSL sub-branch.

Once again if you’d like to participate please fill out the Expression of Interest form below and email through:


Expression of Interest – Timor Awakening Mk2

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