Black Cat Track

The Black Cat Track is one of the toughest and most rugged tracks in Papua New Guinea, with rough trails and amazing scenery… this is the Kokoda Track of 10 years ago.

This 9 day adventure will allow you to see village and jungle life and parts of the country that is not frequented by western visitors and tells of another story in Australian war time history.

Physical and beautiful, this is an unforgettable experience and you will have some amazing and unique stories to tell the folks back at home.

Adventure Facts

Start: Brisbane/Sydney, Australia
Finish: Brisbane/Sydney, Australia
Duration: 10 Days
Hotels: 4 Nights – Twin Share (single available)
Tents: 5 Nights – Single Tent
Meals: All meals provided
Group Sizes: 12 maximum
Activity: 6 days and 7 nights trekking, 2 days each side for travel and briefing

Adventure Dates

Black Cat Track 2019
Sep 27 – Oct 6 all-day
Black Cat Track 2019 @ Papua New Guinea

This 9 day adventure into the Papua New Guinean jungle will lead you through an amazing portion of Australian military history closely linked to its better known cousin the Kokoda Track.

More remote, more remaining evidence with stories equally as spell binding, this track is Kokoda 15 years ago before the masses of people. The local culture has been preserved in their pristine jungle and amazing lifestyle.

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