Episode 10 of the Kokoda Track Podcast brings husband and wife team Matt and Jay into the studio to chat about and relive their Kokoda Track experience from ANZAC Kokoda 2017.

Matt and Jay are seasoned travelers having been all around the world together but this was the first time they decided to join a group of people on a guided tour. What did they think of that experience? Would they do it again? Find out what they loved, where they felt challenged, what they would do differently and the joys of the PNG people.

This is a great chat in the Kokoda Track Podcast studio and an episode I think you will get so much great information from before you tackle the Kokoda Track yourself.
It’s great to get two different perspectives at the same time. If you’re thinking of sharing this experience with your loved one then this is an episode you will thoroughly enjoy.

If you’d like to ask any specific questions to be answered on the Podcast then email them through, message the page and contact Glenn on Facebook just search Kokoda Track – Podcast. He’d be more than happy to answer any questions for you with the aim of making sure you’re best prepared for your experience.

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