We recently had the pleasure of leading the Laser Plumbing and Electrical team across the Kokoda Track.

It was a great experience with a diverse group of people and four parent/child groups joining the adventure. We ranged from 14yo to late 50’s. Apparently it was also the driest single track crossing Glenn has done in 49 crossings of Kokoda.

This didn’t mean it was easy, as one thing we know with Kokoda is that everyone will be challenged at some point.

Adventure Director Glenn Azar said “On a personal level I am very proud to be involved with Steve Keil and the Laser Group. They’re a company that truly has a social conscience which is evidenced by the fact that they have raised in excess of $200,000 for BeyondBlue in the past 12 months alone.”

This trip was lead by Father and Daughter team – Glenn and Alyssa Azar.

The Laser Group performed well as a team, they immersed themselves in the local culture and also in the in-depth military history whilst also performing as a team and assisting everyone through the tough mountain track that winds its way across the Owen Stanley Ranges.

Congratulation Team Laser – as Stafford says – You Will Smash It – and you did.

We will hold another Kokoda Track adventure just for the Laser Group next year so if you missed out, then next year is your year. Don’t miss out in 2016.